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Let Grant Management Solutions provide you with a system of integrated software modules which enable you to deliver grant management services to your clients.

Our Services


Grant Management Solutions works as an extension of our client's organizations to offer dependable support at all stages in the grant making process . . .

Peer Review

When complex technology or leading edge practices are involved, peer reviews are often the best means of identifying the highest potential projects and assessing project progress. Meaningful evaluations depend on the caliber of the reviewers and the integrity of the process. GMS can help get the most out of a peer review process. more >

Program Management

Effective project management, efficient business processes, and meaningful information systems are key characteristics of well-run grant programs. GMS can help program managers spend less time fighting fires and focus more attention on planning, strategy, and evaluation. more >

Grant Management

By nature, grants are risky. Some projects yield terrific solutions, most make incremental gains, and some projects fail. Besides helping to demonstrate sound financial management, we can help move more projects into the terrific category and reduce losses on failing projects. more >


Program stakeholders (such as legislators or members of the public) want information about program results on a timely basis. Complicating the issue, applicants and grantees are experts in the detailed science or art of their potential solutions, and their language for communicating projects and results are often highly specialized. GMS can help programs convey meaningful program impact and effective administration. more >