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Let Grant Management Solutions provide you with a system of integrated software modules which enable you to deliver grant management services to your clients.

Client Testimonials

"After administering the review process for our organization's grant program for several years, I was reluctant to relinquish responsibilities to an outside organization." Grant Management Solutions "has consistently demonstrated a quality process combined with significant capabilities in accurately matching highly qualified reviewers to a broad range of proposals that has exceeded my expectations! Our grant program has benefitted greatly from our partnership" with Solix's Grant Management Solutions.

Keith A. Gary, Ph.D., Director of Program Development, Kansas City Area Life Sciences Institute


The GrantEase® system is an integrated suite of software modules developed by Grant Management Solutions as a backbone for delivering our grant management services. With related environments for applicants, reviewers, and program staff. Grant Management Solutions has used this software, on behalf of its clients, to arrange for reliable online collection and peer review of thousands of high-technology research proposals and progress reviews to date.

Applicants using GrantEase® have menu options for completing, saving and submitting proposals, for requesting technical assistance via live chat, and for retrieving copies of proposal evaluation reports.

Grantees using the system can upload post-award deliverables and reporting requirements. Grantees have access to an online “virtual” file of their application and grant related documents. A “To-Do” List which is the default screen for Grantees viewing grant information is a ready reminder that deliverables may be pending.

Reviewers using GrantEase® to review proposal or grantee progress reports have menu options to access lists of incomplete and complete review assignments. Reviewers review and agree to conflict of interest and confidentiality agreements online before accessing new proposals. Reviewers access online instructions and review criteria so that reviews can be completed online.

Clients using GrantEase® will have online access to unique permission-based environment that provides access to all evaluation projects. Clients using the Grant Manager module has access to a virtual repository of Grant documents, deliverables, and outcomes. This modules includes an approval routing function for client approval of grantee deliverables.