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Reviewer Information

Our Reviewers

Who are Grant Mangement Service reviewers?

GMS peer reviewers are highly regarded authorities within their respective fields and include scientists, engineers, university faculty, industry leaders, public servants, and private consultants who meet our exacting standards for delivering timely, substantive evaluations.

The most important reviewer selection criterion is always relevant expertise, as proven by some combination of:

Example categories of reviewer expertise in our network

Aerospace Chemical engineering Imaging Military science
Agriculture Civil engineering Industrial engineering Nanotechnology
Alternative energy Communications Information technology Pharmaceuticals
Animal science Computers Manufacturing Physics
Behavioral/Social science Earth Science Materials science Plant science
Biochemistry Education Mathematics Safety/Industrial hygiene
Biomedical research Electrical engineering Mechanical engineering Telecommunications
Business Electronics Medical/Health Transportation

Our typical reviewer selection process for each project

Ensuring high quality evaluations

Our peer review process includes several key ingredients:

Compensating our reviewers

GMS pays reviewers an honorarium (fee) that depends primarily on the expected amount of time required for an evaluation project, and we reimburse them for any incurred expenses.

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