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Reviewer Information

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What kind of review opportunities exist?

While every Solix peer review project has its own special requirements, most fall into the following categories;

As a Solix reviewer, you would receive reviewer orientation and instructions for every review assignment to serve as your guide in meeting the evaluation objectives of each project.

How often would I be asked to do a review?

The frequency of our requests depends primarily on the number and nature of review projects matching your expertise. This means you may not hear from us for periods of time. When the need arises for someone with your expertise, we'll send you a review invitation by email, and you are always free to accept or decline each assignment, as your schedule allows. The email invitation typically includes information about the competition and the sponsoring agency, the expected review process, time interval, and the honorarium offered.

Does reviewing always involve travel?

No. While certain projects may involve travel to review panel meetings or grant sites, the majority of our peer reviews are completed entirely online. When travel is required, Solix assists with making travel arrangements and reimburses associated expenses.

How much time is involved?

The time involved in completing an evaluation varies considerably, depending on the type of assignment and the volume of materials to be evaluated. While most assignments can be completed within a few hours, the time demand may range from one hour to several days. The window of time for completing a review likewise varies, from a few days to several weeks.

How does the online review work?

Reviewers receive review invitations by email and complete an independent evaluation online using the Peer Review module of GrantEase®. This secure system allows them to retrieve documents at their convenience and fill out an online questionnaire tailored to the evaluation criteria of the specific program. When the evaluations of all participating reviewers are complete, contributing reviewers receive access to the evaluation report containing the feedback of every reviewer who reviewed the same materials. Depending on the preference of the program sponsor, there may or may not be a second review stage, which can also be completed online.

Would I be paid for my services?

Yes. The amount of the honorarium is generally set for each project based on expected amount of time required and the length of the time interval permitted for the evaluation. It is important to understand that this fee is commonly less than what you may earn as a private consultant from other sources. Solix will inform you of the honorarium and other important information before you are expected to accept an assignment. Solix complies with all income reporting requirements of the Internal Revenue Service. We do accommodate reviewer wishes to donate review fees to a designated charity.

How do I enroll as a potential reviewer?

Complete our online reviewer enrollment. Along with your qualifications and areas of expertise, this secure online form will gather information about your interests and availability. When completing the form you will be asked to upload a current version of your resume or CV.

What will you do with my information?

As soon as we receive your enrollment, we will examine your qualifications and verify certain information contained on your resume or CV. You should expect to hear from us within a few days regarding your acceptance into our reviewer network.

Solix takes great care to protect our reviewers' information. We do not and will not sell lists of enrolled reviewers to anyone. When completing a review, your identity will be disclosed only to authorized client representatives who are contractually bound not to share your identity with grant applicants, grantees unless the assignment calls for your personal appearance. You will also remain anonymous to other reviewers for all assignments except in-person panel meetings.